Aeternum Creaturae

We are taught as children that the creation of the cosmos with the life therein was a finished matter in a time of six days. In my age, some sixteen hundred years past this seemed apparently true. In your own age, with the knowledge of men so greatly increased it becomes apparent that though the works of creation were set in motion in those first six days, the ongoing creation of the cosmos and all life therein has never ceased. For the cosmos began with the sudden burst of the first particle of matter into the surrounding Spirit of God. But the outward momentum of that burst has never ceased, and so the outward expansion caused by the burst has also never ceased. The birth of the cosmos is yet unending. There shall be more universe tomorrow than exists today. For the creation of the universe is not a done thing, but is fused with the eternal Spirit of God and as such, the process of creation is inherently eternal itself.
So it is with our own creation, for we are not the same species as in ages past. We appear the same outwardly but our immaterial Spirit slowly grows beyond the distractions of the flesh in much the same way the material universe expands beyond its point of violent origin. For despite the modern age cynicism through which so many of you view our species, the Spirit of man steadily grows more akin to the Spirit of God. In my day we were kinder to one another than a thousand years prior. It is more so in your era and in ages to come, shall be more so again. The poor are better cared for by both citizens and governments. War has lost the vain trappings of noble conquest and is now known as a failing of our species rather than a glorious adventure. Those who wield the power of governance are more answerable to the will of the governed and the wealthy are more checked by the power of ruling government. The failings of our species remain many and progression imperfect but our species is greater than in ages past and shall be greater still in ages yet to come. As with the cosmos themselves, the creation of our species is yet an active and unfolding thing. You are wiser than the people of my age, less brutish, and more charitable toward one another. For a time, your intelligence and technologies seemed to grow faster than your wisdom but this also was a process of your unfolding creation, much akin to a child intelligent enough to build a fire but not yet wise enough to respect it’s power.
We of the host of heaven do not know all things and I cannot say with certitude if the creation of the cosmos and the human species shall ever be ended. It is my belief however that the process of creation shall be perpetual and unending. For God God himself is unending and the creation is of God, begun within his living Spirit and fused with his eternal nature. The creation is a part of God, bearing his unending nature and must therefore be as unending as God himself. And as the part of creation which most closely bears God’s sentient nature, it is our destiny to forever grow more akin to God as our eternal creation unfolds. We shall never become as God, whether in the flesh as you now are or in the Spirit, as we amidst the host of heaven. But as creatures of both Spirit and flesh, we shall instinctively embrace the greater of the two, which is Spirit. That Spirit is God, who is our Creator, whose creation bears his eternal nature and can therefore have no more an ending than God himself.


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